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These types of dyes are mainly suitable for dyeing of textile materials. Direct Dye is a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. They produce full shades on cotton and linen without mordanting and can also be applied to rayon and silk.


Nailolite Dyes can be used to color all types of paper (fine tissue, packaging, publication) & Textiles. These Dyes can be applied by Dip dyeing method as well as beater dyeing method. For heavy depths of shade a dye fixing agent may be beneficial to improve the retention of the dyestuff and also to improve the wet fastness of the paper.

Yellow 142

Yellow 86

Orange 39

Red 80

Red 81

Red 83:1

Red 227

Red 257

Violet 9

Violet 66

Blue 86

Blue 199

Black 22

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